Bonjour! French Academy

“With languages you are at home anywhere”

Why learn French?

Bilingualism is becoming a progressively necessary today. As more and more people recognize the importance of learning an additional language. Acquiring a second language improves your memory and increases your attention. The process of becoming bilingual exercises your brain and boosts your problem solving skills. Bilingual students get higher marks on tests than monolingual students, especially in the areas of vocabulary, reading and math. Do not miss you chance to become bilingual and successful! Let French into your life!


“Strengthen your core, get ready for the world! 
Fly high with French!”

Bonjour! French Academy is a professional educational service provider. We strive to provide quality, flexible, and affordable educational services to the students. Our goal is to design programs that empower excellence and confidence in all our students. We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to be successful. 
Bonjour! French Academy allows children of primary and secondary school age, the opportunity to enjoy the facilities of supplementary educational services. It is aimed at developing a child’s academic potential. The system is based on how children perform in the free assessment tasks, which means they get placed at the correct level on our program to learn all the necessary skills in French. Every concept is taught systematically, 
and the student works through each topic area until they have caught up to their year level. This approach is thorough, structured and successful. A better learning future starts here!

Our Programs

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”

  Preparation for French Immersion   
  French Immersion (Grades 1-8 ):  
Reading, Phonics, Writing, Vocabulary building, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Conversational speech  
  French Immersion Secondary (Grades 9-12):  
Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Presentations, Essay writing  
  Core French Enrichment Program (Grades 4-8): 
Reading, Writing, Vocabulary building, Spelling, Speaking   
 Academic French (Grades 9-12):   
Grammar, Presentations, Essay writing  

Why us?

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”

What Bonjour! French Academy offers you:

 A success-oriented learning environment 
 A free skills assessment and honest feedback 
 Individualized learning programs  
 Qualified and experienced teachers 
 Small groups (no more than 3 students) 
 Flexible schedules  
 Affordable prices  
 Flexible payment options  
 Remarkable success!


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